Is your organisation CSRD-proof?

“Comply or die” – we think that is not the vision you should have for your company’s CSRD journey. We at CSRD Hub see CSRD as an opportunity for your organisation to grow, by strategically using CSRD for sustainable decision making and action. For that to work we need to help companies to spend as little time on practical details, and more time on using CSRD in a transformative way.

Our Hub supports the full CSRD process

CSRD Academy

Kick-off your CSRD learning journey while planning your CSRD project. Create a realistic timeline, involve your team and get sign-off. Benefit from our CSRD academy that trained over 500 professionals.

Double Materiality Assessment

The double materiality assessment involves doing a hotspot analysis and engaging with stakeholders . Let our software do the hard work for you.

Data Collection

Streamline your data collection by centralising qualitative and quantitative ESRS reporting in one place. Also, we help you fill any gaps that you may have.

Target setting and actions

Helping you to set targets that help you stay within planetary boundaries and connect realistic actions to make your targets.


Proper dashboarding to help you both report internally and externally. Create insightful graphs that shape your narrative towards your organisation and beyond.


With our 10 years of experience in impact reporting, we know our bits and bobs around transparency and auditability. Our tool helps you to provide maximum transparency.


Technology to make your compliance more efficient and fun

We automate many manual tasks, our tools and trees provide you visual rich insights.


Analysts that can help you beyond your journey to compliance

Our experts have in-depth sector expertise, a.o. Sustainable Finance, Food and Energy transition.

Global Impact Data

Temporarily gap fill using our impact proxies

We provide verified and robust impact data with our own award-winning Global Impact Database to allow for calculating the impact of organisations.


Join us online or in real-life to help you unfold CSRD

Our leading course instructors and contributors​ have a combined 50+ years of impact experience.

CSRD experts and tech came together

As Impact Institute we’ve been training hundreds of professionals to get acquainted with CSRD. Also, we have years of experience building tools to measure impact. Combining those efforts resulted in our CSRD Hub.

From CSRD-proof to CSRD-action by the impact experts themselves

We recommend the by Impact Institute because this allows you not only to comply with CSRD efficiently, but also helps to turn the numbers into impact metrics that provide you frontrunning evidence and potential. This reflects the impact ambition of the Robin Food Coalition.

Volkert Engelsman
Chair Robin Food Coalition
Former CEO of Eosta